A Statement on
Unorthodox Eschatology

Testimony: Jason Bradfield with Ricky Roldan

Jason embraced Christ his senior year of high school in 1993; served two years as a youth minister in Anniston, AL and Houma, LA with the Southern Baptist denomination; and briefly attended New Orleans Theological Seminary. During a stretch of around four years, he took the Gospel to the streets of Anniston and Birmingham, AL, as well as New Orleans, LA, in the form of Hip Hop. In 2003, he embraced hyper-preterism and along with Sam Frost and Michael Grace, created the Reign of Christ Ministries, which published one of the most popular hyper-preterist blogs and podcasts ever made. He had written a ton of articles in defense of hyper-preterism, recorded over 200 podcast episodes, spoke at two conferences, and began working on what would become the first ever hyper-preterism rap album. He, along with Michael Bennett, also created a site called “Sovereign Grace Preterism,” which took over as the most active hyper-preterist social network following the downfall of Planet Preterist. Jason also worked behind the scenes with a number of leading hyper-preterists, creating podcasts and websites. He renounced hyper-preterism in 2010 and has since helped numerous people out of the heresy. He has earned a BA at Whitefield College, a MA in Theological Studies at Whitefield Theological Seminary, and is currently pursuing another MA. He serves as the webmaster for Whitefield Media, Whitefield Theological Seminary, The Gordon H. Clark Foundation, Christ Presbyterian Church; and is currently an ‘officer-in-training’ at Christ Presbyterian Church. In 2022, Jason was installed as the Interim President of Whitefield Theological Seminary & College.

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