A Statement on
Unorthodox Eschatology

Testimony: Jason Bradfield with Dr. Ken Talbot

An interview with Jason Bradfield. Jason embraced Christ his senior year of high school in 1993; served two years as a youth minister in Anniston, AL and Houma, LA with the Southern Baptist denomination; and briefly attended New Orleans Theological Seminary. During a stretch of around three years, he took the good news of the Kingship of Christ to some of the most poverty stricken areas of Anniston and Birmingham, AL, as well as New Orleans, LA, in the form of Hip Hop. He embraced ‘full preterism’ in 2oo3 and renounced it in 2o1o. Jason resides in Central FL with his wife Amanda and children Jordan, Alexis, Kaylee, and Anna. In 2022, Jason was installed as the Interim President of Whitefield Theological Seminary & College.

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