The Statement on
Unorthodox Eschatology

The Essential Role of Creation in the Plan of Redemption

I presented this lesson last Lord’s Day. We are going to be looking at the doctrine of creation, but I decided to introduce it differently than the norm. I brought forward the infra vs supralapsarian debate to demonstrate the necessary, logical place that creation has in the decree of God. Creation is not a footnote. It is an essential part of the plan of redemption. And of course, this runs smack dab against hyperpreterism; hence the reason I am sharing it here.

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Dr. Richard Jackson
2 years ago

Exactly. Thank you for this wonderful reminder that the material universe is not the problem. It is a creation ‘cursed’ and subject to death and decay. God’s beautiful plan is to restore creation to it’s pristine glory. This would include imperishable bodies to live forever in a new creation on a regenerated earth, from and over which Christ will exercise sovereign authority. Dr. J

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